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Master Batch Filler (Pellets)

Calpet is a kind of Master Batch Compound of 80% - CaCo3 with specially blended PE Resin and additives. It has benefits using with PE, PP, HDPE Resin better printability, better Productivity, better dimension stability, anti-vertical tearing, anti fibrillation reduction of white color pigment cost and reduction of colorific quantity etc. In organic Compound (Calpet) reduces environmental pollutants.


Testing item


Filler Content

85 ~ 80%

Additive Polyolefin Content




Pellet Size

3 ± 0.5mm




-500 PPM

Melt Flow Index

0.5g/10min wt 2-160 Kg

Melting Point


Adding a right amount of SPELL Calcium Carbonate Master batch Filled into Plastic PE, PP, ABS, PA cannot only reduce the cost of Raw Materials, but also make it more stable, exceptional stiffness, dispersion, excellent whiteness.

1. The Master batch has highest mechanical intensity preservation rate.
2. When Master Batch used in resin, it shows stability performance.
3. Excellent dispersing and heat-resistance.
4. No side effect to material property.
5. Maintain the transparency of Polymer, keep optical properties almost intact.
6. Good Compatibility of Master Batch with Raw Materials.
7. Reduce cost of Product and increase the production due to Fast Cooling effect.



Spell 08

For Transparent HDPE Film, Shopping Bags, Table Cloth, Environment friendly film, & Etc.

Spell 08s

For White, Colored HDPE Film, Shopping Bags, DHPE Pipe, other HDPE Products.

Spell 09

Special Grade for all type HDPE Shopping Bags, Thin Film, Thin HDPE Pipes and other Products.

Spell 10

For PP Films, Raffia, Tape Yarn Production.

Spell 11

Specially for PP Furniture and HDPE, PP Automobiles Products, Specially Low Denier PP Raffia.