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DOP is light coloured, low volatility, odorless liquid. It is most widely used all-purpose Plasticizer for use with Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) resins, EVA. DOP can be used as a softening agent, such as to make the product easies to rebound and hardens to undergo form change under pressure, without effecting of the Plastic.

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We are specialize in the production of EVA compound, mainly for EVA Slipper, Sandal, Shoes, and Soles. Our premium grade formulas comply with International standards and are updated to suit the latest technology involved in the EVA production. The plant laboratory and trial machine in equipped to allow high quality control.

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One Pack System for PVC Stabilization are complex formulation that are blends of stabilizer and lubricants. SPELL STAB 680 for PVC Provides efficient and accurate additivation by combining the required additives into a single package for easy dosing. SPELL STAB 680 improves the heat stability and lubrication of PVC.

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Lead Stearate (LS) is a Stabilizer for PVC and used as a Kicker in expandable PVC. The lubricating action of Lead Stearate can be better described as a lubricant with a Stabilization action. It is there for recommended that Lead Stearate be used with other stabilizers such as Tribasic Lead Sulphate.

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Company Quality Policy

It is the policy of Spell Group to produce the fine products of high quality, and on time delivery to meet the customer's needs at competitive prices.

This is achieved by using the raw materials of high standard specifications, implementing modern technology, controlled processes and appropriate packaging.

The top management commits themselves for continuous improvement of the company's quality system, continuous development of its personnel and the fields of technology and research.